connect to your real friends

People who use it? We don't know it, because we don't save it.


stay connected anytime, anywhere

  • Full data control

    You have full control over your data.*

  • Decentralized platform

    None of your data will be stored on Peer'Em.*

  • Multiple accounts

    You can use multiple accounts in the app.

what does it mean?


Peer'Em stands for peer-to-peer connections. All messages, pictures, videos, calls and video calls - the complete communication - are transmitted exclusively from one peer to another*. The communication is not stored on servers.


In end-to-end encryption, data is encrypted prior to transmission and decrypted upon receipt.

Real Friends

Peer'Em is for real friends. Peer'Em does not read out your phone contacts, so no buddy lists are created automatically. You have to actively contact your friends and thus only have your real friends in your friends list. Peer'Em can be used with several accounts, so that separate friends lists can be created.

Write Blogs

Let your friends share in your life. Write important, confidential, private or even banal things and share this with one or more of your friends.

Private Chats

All communications you make with Peer'Em will be peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted* transmitted to your friend. So you can safely chat with your friends, make phone calls or make video calls.

*You can read more about that and exceptions in the FAQ under Privacy.